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• This is an individual challenge, no group attempts allowed. By accepting this challenge, you accept the risk of consuming large amounts of food.

* Please let our staff know of any pre-existing health problems or concerns before accepting the challenge. Cho Ichi Ramen staff can deny participation in the Ramen Challenge based on any pre-existing health problems or concerns.

• The cost of the Ramen Challenge is $35 plus tax, and can be paid for with cash or debit/credit card payment. Coupons are not valid on the challenge. Ramen Challenge payments must be on a separate bill from group bills.

• You must let our staff know that you wish to participate in the challenge before being seated. You must sit at a table assigned to you by our staff. This challenge is for dine-in customers only. All challengers will have their picture taken before the meal.

• The meal takes approximately 20 minutes to prepare, depending on the current occupancy of the restaurant. The serving portion of the challenge will be close to (but not exactly) 3.5 x Cho Ichi Original Tonkotsu ramen bowls. No substitutions allowed.

You must consume the entire meal within 25 minutes or less; this means all food swallowed. The bottom of the bowl must be visible and any remaining food must be less than a spoonful (including broth, noodles and toppings). Any tampering with challenge timers will automatically disqualify the challenger.

• Once the bowl is placed on the table and the clock has started, you are not allowed to stand up, leave the table, or let anyone else touch the ramen bowl and its contents (this includes tasting the broth, noodles, and toppings). Sharing the ramen is not allowed.

• If you fail to adhere to the rules above, you will be disqualified and the challenge will end.

• If you successfully complete the challenge by yourself in less than 25 minutes, you will not be charged the $35 plus tax cost of the ramen bowl. Also, you will receive a victory t-shirt and we will display your picture on our website, social media, and ramen challenge wall.

• Should you become ill at any point, please let our staff know immediately and the challenge will be over.

• Should you fail to complete the challenge, you can take the leftovers home with you when you are ready to leave.
No consumption of leftovers is allowed in the restaurant.

Once a challenger has become a Cho Ichi Ramen Challenge Champion, they cannot participate in the challenge again. They are welcome to try again once a new challenge is featured.